Emotional Aspects


  • Who can help me deal with this situation?




The parents of boys born with hypospadias often feel alone and ill-equipped to deal with the situation. The intimate sexual nature of the condition means that it is rarely discussed in public, and what little material has been published on the subject is hard to get hold of, as it is mostly in the sphere of specialist medical literature.



One useful source of support is to meet with the parents of other children who have been born with hypospadias. Thanks to new advances in information technology it is possible for people to get in contact through the internet. At the moment there are already in many countries hypospadias support groups and forums that bring parents together and allow free exchange of experiences, ideas and feelings about the subject. This helps to reduce the isolation that too often surrounds the condition make people feel that their voices are heard and understood.

Finally, advice and support from a psychologist/psychiatrist or a sex therapist can be of great importance to overcome problems of acceptance or insecurity that can be encountered with this condition.