Emotional Aspects


  • Should I tell my son about his condition, even if I decided on a repair operation?


This is a controversial issue. Some authors believe that if the child has the hypospadias corrected in the first one and half years with good functional and cosmetic results, there may be no need to talk about it unless the child asks. However, the parents should be ready to give the child adequate information whenever he asks.

Children with less than satisfactory results or exposed to multiple complicated surgeries would need to know more about their condition.


However some psychiatrist believe that surgery can only fix the defective aspects of the original condition – it can not wipe away the parents’ memory of what led up to the operation. Hypospadias, even when it has been surgically repaired, is part of a child’s existence. 

It is best to have as much information at your fingertips as possible, so that you can talk to your son about it in case he asks. when the right time comes.